8223 Marigold Falls

Leigh Ann Battle is the ABSOLUTE BEST realtor that we have ever had the pleasure and privilege of working with. Leigh Ann’s expertise and skills in her field were especially helpful to us as we searched for a home in an area where we had lived for only a very brief time. She was READILY AVAILABLE when we needed her. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN WONDERFUL TO HAVE A REALTOR LIKE LEIGH ANN WHEN WE SOLD OUR LAST HOME. IT WOULD HAVE SPARED US SO MUCH ANXIETY AND WE HAVE NO DOUBT THAT WE WOULD HAVE SOLD OUR HOME MUCH SOONER. We cannot count the number of occasions where Leigh Ann had just the right, professional, rational, and clear information and thoughts to address our concerns. We trusted each and every word that she said because she is a woman of her word and ALWAYS follows through. We now consider Leigh Ann a dear friend and are thankful to have had the privilege of working with her!

— April & Ryan Johnson